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First Thesis fail, yay…!

I’m writting my thesis currently, my title is “Hungarian embroidery inspired fashion collection designing” And here is one of the form variations of my rejected design, because it’s “too detailed” and “too pretty”. So I need to design something simple now.

Later I’ll stick it up for sale on Redbubble or something.

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Dragon home! (Yes, we… kind of skipped the cat home. We’ll get it!)

re: Forums — all the server issues are ironed out, things are working well now (aside from mobile still presenting some weirdness. It’s mostly fixed, but it’ll be an ongoing project to adapt pages for mobile). We hope to release the pre-alpha forums today or tomorrow, depending on when our staff manages to meet on Skype ;) (We’re in very different time zones)

New background art for Clanheart.

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So I’m trying to work on my thesis, and I get so frustrated with it that I need to stop and draw cute animals… I think fashion design is not for me ><

Anyway, I set up a Zazzle shop, and I plan to add more designs later on, here you can get this kitty on a shirt :3 - it’s not listed yet in my shop

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I was sick for 2 weeks, and to get back to drawing I made some kitty dolls. Always wanted to try a style like this, and probably these would be good for an avatar site thingy. :)

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Something not work related for once :) 

Here is ShinePaw, she is sort of a cat-dragon-wolf critter, and she is sort of my persona :) I’d like to make more drawings of her in the future.

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A place where deer live.

New background art for Clanheart :)

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Kitsune den!

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Finally the hardest part of this semester is over by today, so relieved!

And here have a kitty pet which is for sale over here :)

I need to get my stuff together finally.

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This is the wolf den, the image that you get when you visit your clan’s home territory square. :)

Also, a reminder that our contest ends soon! If you’d like to get an entry in, be sure to do it soon.

Commission work made for ClanHeart :)

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Just trying to make some updates here if my net connection allows. I just want this semester to be finally over, and do my things…

Drawings were made for and I really like how the first one (Paaefarin) turned out.

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